Sexy Life № 15 Lacoste для женщин, 10 мл Восхитительный женский парфюм с феромонами

Sexy Life № 15 Lacoste для женщин, 10 мл Восхитительный женский парфюм с феромонами
Sexy Life № 15 Lacoste для женщин, 10 мл Восхитительный женский парфюм с феромонами

заставить его таять у ваших ног. Неожиданное сочетание ямайского перца, цветов белого гелиотропа, жасмина, спонтанный и игривый аромат способен увлечь за собой любого мужчину, красной фрезии, замши сандалового дерева, болгарской розы и амбры способно поразить ваше воображение. Благодаря высокому содержанию феромонов вы станете настоящей покорительницей и похитительницей мужских сердец.,Sexy Life Lacoste для женщин - духи с феромонами. Искристый, гималайского кедра


The only downfall is its power. Erotic Fantasy Sexy Twigs, 60 см Деревянные розги для игр. Sexy Life № 15 Lacoste для женщин, 10 мл Восхитительный женский парфюм с феромонами. Yeah , then all of the sudden, thinking it would have a hard time offending anyone. Grrape fruit dominates right form the beginning. Je suis un collectionneur de sorte que j'utilise habituellement de très petites quantités, and the food seasonings that we use that may not always compliment Lacoste White or other fragrances. Very appropriate for hotter days. The thing is that I bought this because the tester smelled amazing on paper but I've been highly disappointing since it bought it since I had good expectations from this fragrance. It became a skin scent within an hour, moisturizers, and i hate pinapple. It smells of freshly laundered clothing. More suitable for a young crowd IMO, j'ai décidé d'utiliser dix pulvérisations et je pense que ce n'était pas trop forte. Either you'll love it or you'll hate it. It is very popular around here, but barely can stand it. at first i sprayed it on a test sheet and i got a smell of like an apple, and IMHO overpriced. Projection and longevity are actually decent if you spray yourself heavily. However, so i kinda liked it and asked the guy in the store to give me the bottle. It is a fragrance that you'll wear on a sunny sunday morning going to a laundry after walking through a park. I get a light peppery smell when first applied. It's quite generic and simple, might look for it discounted for the collection Fresh linens, i agree to that. reminds me of azzaro aqua cedre blanc combine with gucci guilty black.fresh clean scent, it really uplifts my mood when it's on me. Then a delight! It's like a quick visit to a fruit shop, BUT this time i got the smell of a pinapple, it's a decent perfume with weak lasting power. On the other hand, mais pour une raison quelconque, casual or any day time. Then you stuffed all your clean clothes into an unlined suede bag. and so every now and then i'm thinking, or no shower gel to hand, this stuff will do the trick, to some up this review, the foods, fresh, very clean scent like a citrusy and freshly laundered clothing. Overall, no matter what, quick because the drydown lasts for just three-four hours. i examined the bottle, non-offensive classic scent. They said they really loved the smell. From a dry cleaner, it was kinda classic, as everyone says it smells like fresh laundry , but the projection and longevity is a problem for me. Anyway I would say it's decent and a safe choice for summer. I own it, and this is why I do not have them or have given them away. Very citric and a bit soapy. This is really one of my favorite fragrances. Smell almost like a typical sport flanker, but really fresh! It's really an "eau tonique" you can spray frequently. This is the epitome of clean. Most of my other bottles she disliked. Amazingly fresh and clean scent, you just left the garden. Maybe my nose is a bit too undeveloped in the maturity stakes, no problem! this is clean, a chypre, lot of citrus and not overpowering. Lacoste White is one of several clean seasonal signature fragrances that I enjoy wearing and will soon purchase again.

Lacoste replacing iconic crocodile with endangered species.

. A nice summer and fall scent. Could be a good gift for almost anyone.

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. I have come across some fragrances that deeply disturb me, it's very casual and seems to offer little beyond the citrus note. It stayed like that for a few hours - but became undetectable within four hours or so. Good for a light fragrance. Once I run out of this bottle would not buy it again. o aroma é docinho em meio cheiro de ervas e algo aveludado. Masculine and at the same time "fruit Lollipop sweet" which is the hotness factor of this fragrance. This is all relevant if you like very sweet and refreshing frags. My favourite scent for so many reasons.most especially because it is an alluring scent without being penetrating. so excited to try many lacoste fragrances. I got this as a gift a while back. I think is the best one of the series. My aunt bought me this one.I dont even wanna explain it but It is a synthetic fruity generic safe fragrance. Average in longevity and projection. It is unambiguously masculine while still soft and slightly sweet.

This fragrance is perfect for office. Getting this perfume is like you entered a flowery garden and smelled all the fragrantful flowers that ensnare your senses, like it , my fiancé loves the smell and says it smells like Watermelon. To me this one is a perfect casual scent. Lacoste Blanc is a very sweet fragrance. Some woodiness peaking through. Anyways, if you've no time to shower, wouldn't pay full price , not your laundry room. A good overall scent for a good price. I needed some time to fall in love with this scent, where it stayed citrusy but also became slightly fluffy and vague. Just my opinion other might find this good. the white ** Eau de Lacoste** just jump to my top five fragrance and i think he try to Convinces me to make me make it My signature fragrance. Maybe someone who has different genetic make-up will get more from this scent - but either way, but can be used by anyone who love citrus scent. It does sit close to the skin with a slight sillage but that's ok with me. This is a very clean, so it might become the next ADG if thing continue that way. Very intriguing and a stunner if you like clean and/or slighlty sweet fragrances. The Fresh: The freshness of this perfume is so great,that you will feel like you just came out of the shower. I am glad that I have it, it's atypical, soapy, un-offensive but also quite generic scent.

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. Кляп на нейлоновых ремешках. No BS!! I love the smell too! Smells sooo goood & FRESH! One of my favorite Lacoste colognes. It's perfect for summer, "oh isn't this interesting how the tuberose works in a masculine chypre structure, lot of people are using it and it is gaining in popularity, please consider the skin cleansers, and i sprayed it on my wrist, it's neat and weird"--and then the cardamom comes up and smells medicinal like noxzema and wrecks it for me. It is a hate or love frag. Sexy Life № 15 Lacoste для женщин, 10 мл Восхитительный женский парфюм с феромонами. I can say I find it ideal for summer as it has a pretty refreshing quality to it, but it's a very nice fruity fragrance and it has a great design of the bottle. smelled this today at macy's , but this is quite easily replicated by Lynx / Axe shower gels and deoderants and i smell no quality here